Contact us if you'd like to be involved. We are looking for more volunteers. We ask only a few hours assistance - the time asked depends on the job you will do, but in most cases it is around 3 to 4 hours for a free ticket to the festival.

In the past some Caravanners have wanted to help out. This is great for us as we have a lot of work to do, especially on the Friday and Saturday morning before the festival and Sunday afternoon and Monday after. We generally ask $12 a night extra for Caravanners who stay more than Saturday night, but if you'd like to help us before and or after the festival, say for 2 or more hours on both the Friday and Sunday afternoon, then we can waive that fee.

We also have a couple of
Working Bees in the period leading up to the festival. Generally the Saturday of the weekend before is typical of that. We'll start around 9 and go through to 1 or so with a coffee and cake break in the middle. People are welcome to come and give a hand even for a couple of hours. The jobs vary but they often include mowing, cutting back vegetation, moving firewood, painting, making and putting up signage and temporary fencing. The biggest job is assembling the stages and putting up the cover for the 2 stages and the audience.

Eudlo Music Nights Recognition of Volunteers
As a community we are dependent on each other and this is certainly the case with our event. We couldn't do it without all our helpers. We try to show our appreciation of this with a couple of get togethers during the year just for our volunteers.
One we are planning is in the middle of this year and is a continuation of the Woodstock vibe with a party on the actual weekend it took place in 1969. This will be the August 17 weekend. It is still only in the planning (so watch this space!) but will probably be at Wominjeka Park from about 5pm on the 17th. Including live music, drinks, food and a big fire. A lovely thing about this venue is its isolation surrounded by bush and luscious countryside, so those who want can crash the night in their vehicle, tent or in the shed there, and wake up in the morning to the sound of birds rather than lawn mowers!

It is all the behind the scenes work which makes allows events such as ours to happen. Thank you to all who give so freely of their talents and time!