Eudlo Music Nights Artists, April 6 & 7, 2018.

MCs for the stage include: Stephanie Tonkin, Deni Chapple, Doug Pullen and Michael Whiticker

Deni Chapple and friends
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Deni, being a lover of kids, was a teacher for many years but family and her dedication to music got in the way so these days she'd prefer to follow her natural love which is music where she is both performing as a singer guitarist and “spinning the discs” with Deni’s Mix on Wild Horse FM. Her friends or accompanists are many and varied, but on this outing will include at some point Doug Pullen - bass, Mike Duggan - percussion and Denis Green - harmonica, and might just include special guest Roger Beare on sax. To hear her sing here is a video featuring her in a duo in which she also performs as

The Claptomaniacs


Who are they? The Claptomaniacs formed in 2014 in the Noosa shire with a common love for music of their own times. They are all locals, experienced musicians with thousands of hours of professional performances under their belts respectively.
Are they just another cover band? No, they select quality dance and ballad material, initially from Eric Clapton's huge repertoire, then from a limited range of bands. They don't attempt to act as a multi-person karaoke machine.
Are they a tribute band? No, while they do love to give tribute to the artists they cover. No impersonations, fancy dress costumes, wigs or face paint, just good music.
Who do they cover? The repertoire includes material originally performed by Eric Clapton/Cream, Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, Rolling Stones, Boz Scaggs, Atlanta Rhythm Section and more.
Lead singer Ken Gamble is widely commended for his renditions of Joe Cocker's vocal and performance style.

MedicineManMusic (Andy Copeman)

Andy Copeman promo pic 1 copyStart your day (9am Sunday morning) with this Maleny-based musician, sound healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Kambo practitioner, as he takes you on a deep, beautiful and exciting journey into the wonderful world within, where we connect with our true self, heal, transform and manifest. Amazonian Shamanism meets the ancient Celts, Yogis and Sufis, all embraced by the Australian landscape. Vocals, guitars, cittern, beats, drones, effects and wild sounds.

Pat Craigie

Pat Craigie

Pat Craigie is a Sunshine Coast based performer recognised nationally on the Australian folk scene. He has worked with unions, peace, solidarity and environmental groups, and has played in shows and backed such luminaries as Jeanie Lewis, Kev Carmody, Liz Frencham and Jim Conway. Pat is currently performing his own and Jim Dowling’s original material in The Strangest Dreamers which is active on the festival circuit. Recently he has been using his musical and performance skills to improve the lives of people who are suffering with dementia.

Gavin Davidson / Glasshouse Guitar Works

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Glasshouse Guitar Works is a professional Guitar and Bass Repair Centre which has a comprehensively equipped workshop set up to deal with a broad range of instrument problems. In addition to operating the professional repair service, owner operator Gavin Davidson who is an experienced instrument repair technician and instrument builder also hand manufactures the precision range of White Hawk Guitars and Basses.

Peter Driscoll

peter driscoll
Thinking of an early morning stroll? Peter, who is a Eudlo local, will assist in showing you local birdlife living in the world between riverbank, forest and paddock. If you have binoculars, bring them, but there will be some spare. Peter has worked with birds for much of his life, monitoring populations and seeking out those hard to get to avian treasures.

Mike Duggan

Mike is an enthusiastic percussionist, having played drums of all types for 45 years. For the last five years, Mike has both played and built Cajon drums, being a regular backing percussionist with the Glasshouse Muso’s, playing standard Cajon, Bongo-Cajon and Conga-Cajon drums. The Cajon workshop will look at the different parts that make up the Cajon, and how to play the Cajon to get the best sound and rhythm. If you own a Cajon, bring it along, if not, just come along and have some fun with my drums.

Herb Fenn

Herb will be resurrecting old ballads from the 50's and presenting them as spoken word, maybe with “spring” accompaniment. As a finale he will enchant the audience with the soothing sounds of the Cherokee flute.

Noel Gardner and Alex Bridge

 Noel Alex close up
Maleny based Noel and Alex, are highly regarded local musicians having played at Folk Festivals across the country over many years and recently returned from Festival’s in Tasmania and Illawarra. Noel has a long association with the Eudlo region, having actually run a festival at this very park some years ago. Noel’s poignant songs accompanied by his guitar and Alex’s beautiful harmonies, bass and percussion say so much about our wonderful land and people.
It is an honour for us to have them at this inaugural event.

Peter G and the Flat Whites

With Peter G (guitar and vocals), John Trim (guitar), Howard Combes (bass) and Graeme Goss (drums and vocals). Foot tappin’ jazz, rhythm and blues - If you can’t recognize it and can’t dance to it, the Flat Whites won’t do it!

Elye Jay

elye JayAn emerging Sunshine Coast musician who is passionate about contributing to the diversity of the Australian music scene. Elye is 18 years old and has been playing the guitar for three years and the violin since eight. He has been involved in both group and individual performances, having been a member of the Sunshine Youth Orchestra and the Woodford Opening Ceremony Orchestra, as well as currently performing solo. His repertoire spans classical, Australian roots, Celtic, blues, covers and originals, with a preference for instrumental pieces. His greatest inspiration is the roots artist, John Butler.

Mervyn Langford

Mervyn, who runs Magda Community Artz in Bardon is a passionate supporter of the arts and guitars and the people who make and play them. And that can’t be a bad thing! He knows a good story or two as well so it’ll be wonderful to have him sharing a few of them with us.

Latin fury dance with passion
salsa latin fury

Warren and Crystal bring over a decade of Latin dancing to Eudlo, performing a playful Cuban Salsa number for you with style, energy and spirit. Salsa is a fun, sassy dance with attitude that not only makes you feel good; it also gives you an added confidence in yourself that you never knew you had. So are you ready to have some fun? Then free your inner groover and come dance with us! Along with a demo on the stage, Warren and Crystal will host a workshop session.

Tommy Leonard

Tommy Leonard_LR2

In the ancient troubadours' tradition, Tommy delivers a priceless, eclectic selection of original songs and unpopular covers, accompanied by guitar.

Ian B MacLeod

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Known as "Australia's King of Rockabilly", the magical voice and guitar playing, coupled with the warmth and charisma of Ian B. MacLeod shines through whether he's dressed in black leather belting out "Blue Suede Shoes" or in rhinestones and fringes crooning "Love Song of the Waterfall". Come along and see what has been exciting audiences since the early 60s when Ian began his career on the Johnny O’Keefe Show!

Evan Mathieson

evan m
Evan has been playing and singing since he and his wife Lyn helped run the Moreton Bay Folk Festival in 1969 – the first folk festival in Queensland. In those days, when Frank Nicklin and Joh BP ran the police special branch, it was “Dangerous” to sing folk music or protest…
After having sung at more folk clubs and festivals than most people care to remember, Evan still loves to entertain audiences with songs of good humour, social and political comment, accompanied with guitar and self built Autoharp. Music makes the world a better place, so Evan wishes the inaugural Eudlo Music Nights every success

Ian Pollock

"Political poet" Ian, lives at Witta, and moved there from Brooloo. He is now in his late seventies, and has always enjoyed literature. He didn’t realise until he was in his late fifties that he could string a verse together. He likes to comment on current social issues, but with the current political situation in Australia it’s not always easy to be positive.

Selina Stewart

selina 1 copySmile Within Yoga located in the Mooloolah Valley was created by Selina Stewart eight years ago, not only to teach yoga but to provide a space where individuals can experience the power of community and sharing of life experiences. It doesn’t matter what your age or level of ability, Selina believes that yoga is for everyone. She is a committed yogini who strives to reach her full potential with ongoing training and supports her students to do the same. She is a wellness advocate and shares her knowledge of meditation, implementation of life strategies, raw food and the use of essential oils for healing. Recently, she has included her love of art and sound healing in the practice.
The class Selina will be offering is called
Movement is Medicine. This Sunday morning session will offer a rhythmic movement for one to explore the healing aspect of the vibrational breath and subtle energy tones rising in one’s body, mind and soul. The class suitable for beginners to advanced students.

Vix and the Slick Chix

Vix chix promo sml

Vix and the Slick Chix is a BIG sounding little three piece all- girl band that Rocks the House!! Straight up and into it, your ears are blessed and your feet cannot be stilled. 'The Chix' style could best be described as a mixture of Chicago style Blues, Classic Soul, R & B and somewhere in between. Get ready to laugh and boogie - this IS a Good - Time Band!!

Peter Watkins
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Peter has a lifetime of playing and singing up and down the “sunny coast” and recently, encouraged by a swag of new musical friends, is enjoying a fresh passion for performing publicly and sharing his music with others. Peter is presently recording a CD at the Sound Space so stay tuned for that release.

The Good Doctor (Michael Whiticker)

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People sometimes wonder what musicians do for a “day gig”. Well the "doc" in the name won’t help there, as although he is a doctor, it is of music, so Michael’s day is taken up by a full time commitment to his art with his recording studio, PA work, composing and mentoring. If you are interested to check out some of Michael's websites try to get a taste of his passion for recording and music production, and then is an open-mic organisation he runs in the Glasshouse Mountains area where lovers of performance have the opportunity to get up and do their thing on a regular basis. And if you are short of a night's entertainment his personal website is a "good" read… Or that at least is what his mother said… But if you are wondering what he is going to play for this show then it is a bit bluesy and a bit swampy and includes an original or two and even a bit of an instrumental might find it’s way onto the stage!