Eudlo Music Nights Artists for April 2019 include the following

Anna & Jordan
Anna & Jordan showcase their original music, both sung and instrumental, producing a colourful range of vocal and instrumental harmonies. Combining Anna’s knowledge of traditional music and Jordan’s exceptional creativity in songwriting, they create a distinctive combination of genres and styles that is truly unique and uplifting. They have performed at many folk festivals nationally since 2013 and are two time Finalists for the Folk Alliance Australia's Young Performer of the Year Award. Anna and Jordan have produced a debut EP 'Ocean of Dreams' and an album, 'Home on the Horizon' and recently released a single, 'Darling'.
anna and jordan

betty sml

She’s a little bit folkie, a whole lotta alt-country and a touch of dirty blues. A high energy five headed Americana music posse, BEARDED BETTY features the unique quirky sound of Sunshine Coast vocalist GG FOX, together with ROY BENTHAM pickin and a strummin on the geeeuitar and banjo like his hairs on fire, VASHTI JANNA fiddlin a fiddle & mandolinin a mandolin till she can’t no more, CHRIS DAVIS slapin away at that big ol double bass and SIMON  PFEIFFER ...well that boy will hit ya head if you sit by his drum kit for to long. 
The clan got their wagons in a circle and fixed themselves a thumbs up EP which has served up a heapin helpin of good times and brought joy to folks at honky tonks and festivals across the land. 
Y’all can bet your britches this band will get the hillbilly part of your heart pumpin so hard that you will want to go build yourself a front porch. 

Roger Beare with Sam Shepherd
blackall blues
At our last festival in October we enjoyed Blackall Blues which features saxophonist / vocalist Roger and guitarist / vocalist Sam (a half of the above photo), but an untimely injury made "the Blues" unavailable for this festival. An unexpected recovery from that injury in the lead up to this festival has found us looking for a slot to fit in some off their feels and moods of the contemporary blues. So only a short set, but a taster for the pumping sound of Blackall Blues, which we hope to have back in October of this year!

Terence Boyd Thallon & BandTerence Boyd Thallon photo

Terence Boyd Thallon is a man who has travelled and absorbed varying cultures. His songs are a sense of story and dream awakening the valkyries of hope. Performances have the audience taken on a journey as the 'bard' of story telling with a unique percussive approach to guitar playing, leaving an atmosphere of energetic charge, with songs that vary from rhythmic ballads, to sea shanty dreamings and the adventurous explosions of "street grunge".
Artist , musician and surfer, Terence grew up in a travelling family, father a fisherman from Ireland and mother Clairvoyant Gypsy wonder-woman. Born under a star with a donkey present, Terence was old schooled in India and Europe. In between horse wagons and airports he has thumbed out poetry, tall stories and musical ballads.
Terence's band takes various incarnations, one of which we will enjoy at the festival, but may include bassist Johnny Collins, drummer Elliot Gwynne and or saxophonist Lee Hardisty.

Facebook - Terence Boyd Thallon 
Instagram - Terence Boyd Thallon
Listen to my Music on Soundcloud
Terence Boyd Thallon You Tube Channel

Linley Boyle - Body Song Yoga and creative dance
linley boyle original copy
Linley Boyle has been tying the good folk of Eudlo in knots for over 20 years. This form of Yoga is gentle and has many modified postures suitable for dodgy knees, shoulders and other recalcitrant body parts. A morning session will unloosen the tightness of the night before, clear the head and settle the nerves. Bring a mat if you have one and join us for an energising, enjoyable class at Wominjeka. Linley will also do a maypole dance on Saturday afternoon for kids and adults.

Brendan The Mindfulness Poet brendan mindfulness

Join Brendan for our first ever Poet's Breakfast / Storyteller's smorgasbord. Brendan’s passionate performance poetry and friendly story telling gives you the experience of Mindfulness as entertainment. He paints a big picture of relationship, work, fantasy, adventure, healing, discovery; all drawing on his life experiences (including time as a Buddhist Monk, Yoga Teacher and Counsellor). Joining Brendan for this light-hearted romp of words and rhyme will be a plethora of poets including Robin Archibold and Wendy O'Hanlon, Baz the Bush Balladeer and our good friend Irishman Joe Lynch will be "breaking a leg' to be there! So if words are your thing get along and share!

Deni Chapple with Roger Beare, Michael Whiticker, Jon Brown and Mike Duggan
EMN Apr 18 deni and dougDeni, being a lover of kids, was a teacher for many years but family and her dedication to music got in the way so these days she'd prefer to follow her natural love which is music where she is both performing as a singer guitarist and “spinning the discs” with Deni’s Mix on Wild Horse FM. Her friends or accompanists are many and varied, but on this outing will include Roger Beare - sax, Michael Whiticker - vocal, harmonica and guitar, Jon Brown - vocal, bass and Mike Duggan - percussion. To hear her sing, here is a video featuring her in a duo in which she also performs as

Gavin Davidson / Glasshouse Guitar Works

gavin logo

Glasshouse Guitar Works is a professional Guitar and Bass Repair Centre which has a comprehensively equipped workshop set up to deal with a broad range of instrument problems. In addition to operating the professional repair service, owner operator Gavin Davidson who is an experienced instrument repair technician and instrument builder also hand manufactures the precision range of White Hawk Guitars and Basses.

Peter Driscoll

peter driscoll
Thinking of an early morning stroll? Peter, who is a Eudlo local, will assist in showing you local birdlife living in the world between riverbank, forest and paddock. If you have binoculars, bring them, but there will be some spare. Peter has worked with birds for much of his life, monitoring populations and seeking out those hard to get to avian treasures.

Lindsay and Luke Drummond

Lindsay and Luke d sml
Lindsay is a dynamic and inspirational singer, songwriter and keyboard player. With her original material she has supported artists such as Richard Clapton, Brian Cadd, Russel Morris, Gary Puckett, as well as performing at Sydney's State Theatre, opening for Jose Feliciano. Having a degree in social science, Lindsay is passionate about the benefits of creative expression for building confidence and maintaining good mental health, and she currently runs fun and exciting improvisational theatre classes in Nambour and Brisbane. Lindsay’s husband and music collaborator, Luke has worked as a session singer/guitarist for 20 years, touring and recording with artists such as Richard Clapton, Doc Neeson, Matt Finish, Christine Anu, Amber Lawrence, Brian Cadd and Shannon Noll, and playing supports for international artists such as Santana and Rod Stewart. Together Luke and Lindsay have collaborated on several albums and EPs, as well as working on commissioned music for small businesses, radio and television. After moving to Queensland from New South Wales in 2018, Lindsay and Luke were introduced to the exuberant Sunshine Coast music scene through the Glasshouse Musos Open Mic night and are looking forward to playing at Eudlo Music Nights

Mike Duggan
M duggan at EMN apr 18 4717 copyBongo Cajon 1

Mike is an enthusiastic percussionist, having played drums of all types for 45 years. For the last five years, Mike has both played and built Cajon drums, being a regular backing percussionist with the Glasshouse Musos, playing standard Cajon, Bongo-Cajon and Conga-Cajon drums. The Cajon workshop will look at the different parts that make up the Cajon, and how to play the Cajon to get the best sound and rhythm. If you own a Cajon, bring it along, if not, just come along and have some fun with the drums. Pictured above is the set of Bongo-Cajons that Mike is offering as the raffle prize at the festival.

Eudlo Songwriters
In conjunction with the Eudlo Music Nights festival we are running a songwriting workshop in Eudlo. It is a weekly get-together at the Eudlo Hall over the two months leading up to each festival - commencing the first week in February and restarting the first week in August. Each week we analyse a well known song and enjoy a songwriting exercise, and we have the opportunity to share songs we are writing, and look to each other for feedback.
A number of the songwriters attending the workshop have the opportunity to share something they are writing at one of the songwriters concerts at the festival.

John Fredericks
Songue Drums Made and played by John Fredericks who will present a fun "sonic alchemy" workshop on Saturday at 2.30pm.
A melodic percussive instrument, custom made and hand crafted from recycled gas bottles.The drums are tuned to complementing keys that can be used for sound healing, workshops, kids spaces etc. Some include a unique pickup system enabling the drums to be amplified and run through any manner of Fx pedals, loopers etc. LOTS of fun!!

Fly Little Sparrow
Fly Little Sparrow IMG_0546 (1)
Lisa Lazuli and Lizzie Flynn come together to sing harmonies that emulate riding on the wings of a strong-willed bird.
Heading on a flight path of beautiful harmonic arrangements, their eclectic repertoire and commentary will take you on a journey from fragility to hope.
Fly Little Sparrow debuted at the 2019 Illawarra Folk Festival, with a five piece line up which included double bass, violin, and drums.
Songwriters in their own right, Lisa and Lizzie have performed in various bands and projects.

Glenys Anderson with Rob Wheeler

Glenys Anderson is an award winning singer songwriter whose songs will take you on a journey of laughter and tears as she tells stories of her life experiences. Glenys is a natural on stage – warm and engaging and her intros to songs are often as entertaining as the songs themselves. She has performed on such prestigious stages as QPAC and Brisbane City Hall but equally loves singing for small audiences in folk clubs. Festivals she has sung at include Woodford, The National, Yungaburra, Neurum Creek and Maleny. She is ably accompanied by guitarist Rob Wheeler. Rob has been playing bass guitar since the 1970’s when he played in punk bands in the Brisbane scene.  Since then he has also mastered trombone and played in reggae and Balkan bands.  As a singer/songwriter, he accompanies himself on nylon string guitar.

Good Tunes
David De Santi has been accumulating ‘good’ tunes for over 30 years and wants to share them! Be ready for a musical tour around Australia, Italy, Quebec, Scotland, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Ireland, England and beyond! Sheet music available or use your ear to join in. Join David for a Good Tunes Session Sunday at 9am.

Join this family of fine singer guitarists with Gary Josland and his sons Scott and Cory.
No known photos of these boys exists so you'll have to be there in the flesh to "a catch a hold of 'em"!

Jessie Jean and Stiletto
Jessie Jean
Iconic Women in rock with Jessie Jean and Stiletto.
Just be there.

vocal workshop: Jessie has been enchanting audiences and helping people to find & free their voices for over fifteen years. She has headlined at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals and facilitated workshops in America, Holland, Europe & the UK, Croatia and, in the last few years, Australia.
Jessie’s Free Your Voice sessions are fun, inclusive and are a great way to find your voice. No experience necessary!


Jeunae (formerly JujuBom) is an artist of the Black Mountain.  Born and bred on the breath of that place, her music may work well as a soundtrack to the imaginary movie one plays out when waxing mystical on such places; a travelling dream state that gradually expands and folds through walls of territory and terrain.  She speaks to a sense of vulnerability in detailed nuance and aesthetic that is both intense and fragile.  Joined by collaborators - Elliot Gwynne and Johnny Collins, the line up is guitar/vocal, bass guitar and drums/electronics.

Landscape Band
landscape band
Merging from the fires of a passionate belief in sustainable futures, the Landscape band has developed a repertoire of songs for the planet. As ambassadors of Eco Folk music they play a range of tunes that celebrate the planet’s natural beauty, comment upon social and environmental injustices and reflect on sustainable communities and ways of stepping lightly on the Earth.
The acclaimed members of the band have many years commitment to protecting the environment . Noel Gardner – nationally recognised icon of eco folk music has three albums of music especially themed to provide an emotive musical portrait on the natural wonders of our land. Derek Foster – song writer and Churchill Fellow responsible for conservation measures on local, national and global scales. John Wright – song writer and environmentalist, responsible for powerful musical images of environmental injustice. Tom Nealson – pianist, who daily works on managing the harmony between people and nature. Steven Lake – fiddle and piano, internationally acclaimed at his craft and continually works for the community. Adrien Powell – drums, didgeridoo, environmentalist living softly on the planet. This band plays original music that will stir the soul and help you step up to live sustainably and protect the values of your local social landscape.

Latin fury dance with passion
salsa latin fury

Warren and Crystal bring over a decade of Latin dancing to Eudlo, performing a playful Cuban Salsa number for you with style, energy and spirit. Salsa is a fun, sassy dance with attitude that not only makes you feel good; it also gives you an added confidence in yourself that you never knew you had. So are you ready to have some fun? Then free your inner groover and come dance with us! Along with a demo on the stage, Warren and Crystal will host a workshop session.

Karen Law and Family Band
Karen Law and Family
Karen Law and Family are the epitome of honest, home-grown contemporary folk music. Award-winning songs, breath-taking harmonies and an obvious joy in singing and playing together make this family an absolute pleasure to watch. Expect a healthy dose of family banter too and the chance to join in on a few choruses.

Rob Longstaff
Rob is a New Zealand born, Australian bred, Berlin based Pop/Soul/Blues musician, globetrotter and adventurer.
After working Australia’s tough but rewarding pub circuit, Rob packed his bags for Berlin, a city which he now calls home. In between his musical accomplishments Rob likes a challenge, having now hitchhiked across three continents, toured Indian and African orphanages and hospitals, ventured to Antarctica and travelled overland from Berlin to Australia by bicycle, train and ship.
Convinced by the idea of slow travelling the singer/songwriter did the German release tour for his album „Boogaloo“ on a solar boat and took a trip through the US on a custom electric trike. He also has been experimenting with the tiny house and the zero waste food movements.
Powerful vocals with humorous lyrics, passionate guitar playing and charm make him a one-man-groove-machine that runs with or without amplification.
Rob’s yet to be named second studio album with Blackbird Music is slated for release this year and typically features an ambitious mix of fun styles but with a little something for everyone.

Ian B MacLeod

ian B Mac Promo sml

Known as "Australia's King of Rockabilly", the magical voice and guitar playing, coupled with the warmth and charisma of Ian B. MacLeod shines through whether he's dressed in black leather belting out "Blue Suede Shoes" or in rhinestones and fringes crooning "Love Song of the Waterfall". Come along and see what has been exciting audiences since the early 60s when Ian began his career on the Johnny O’Keefe Show!

Muddy 'n Petal band
Intellectual anarchists, rockin blues trio with eclectic spunk and simple styling. Here to put a kick in your step and a rock in your roll. Listen out for the ballsy voice of Petal in this original sounding outfit.

Palomino III
Palomino III colour walk drive copy

Hailing from the hills of Eudlo, Sunshine Coast, Palomino III takes up the grittier spaces of traditional genres. Churning out a relentlessly great sound with a driving stripped back approach to their roots backgrounds, Palomino III delivers gutsy tunes written in their own indelible style. Think ‘Outlaw meets Country Sweetheart.’
Dan Fargo - vocals and lead guitar
Maree Fargo - vocals and double bass
Elliot Gwynne - drums and vocals

Return to Woodstock

How could we pass an opportunity to remember the festival that to a large degree defined a generation.
It’s been 50 years since Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate Woodstock became the rallying call for half a million people.
We’ve assembled a band of keen players - thank you Peter Gawith (guitar and vocal), Lindsay Drummond (keyboard and vocal), Doug Pullen (bass) and Adrien Powell (Drums). Who are joined on this occasion by 6 singers – Roger Beare, Jessie Jean, Deni Chapple, Ian Ross Williams, Rebecca Finneran and Jon Brown, to perform 8 or 9 compelling songs from Woodstock. The repertoire is drawn from Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Arlo Guthrie, Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds.

Return to Woodstock Fashion
And if you feel like really getting into the spirit we have a fashion parade for males and females following the show with prizes for the best dressed. Be there or be square!

Shanghai Vibes
shanghai vibes
Nestled deep in the heart of pocket and soul. Shanghai vibes keeps true to the golden age of music with 60’s and 70’s rhythm and blues, jazz and funk.
Ferocious horns, buttery beats and lashings of soul are a guaranteed recipe for some exciting and tasty music from the Sunshine Coast. Featuring members of Afro Dizzi Act and the Band of Frequencies (Shannon Sol Carrol – guitar, Nick Aggs – sax, Ant Aggs – keys, Gary Ward – Bass and Elliot Gwynne – drums.

Sam Shepherd
sam shepherd

Sam has been playing guitar since he began walking, graduating with a BMus in 2009, and winning numerous awards along the way, including the ‘National young jazz/blues guitarist of the year’ at Frankston international guitar festival in 2005. Playing alongside guitar luminaries Michael Fix, Diesel, Bruce Mathiske, Louis Shelton and Peter Cupples further displays his standing in the guitar community. He is also a fine singer as we will hear over the festival weekend.

The Drum Recycler
Here at The Drum Recycler we have combined our passion for drums & drumming, with our desire to RECYCLE. We just can't bear the thought of any drums ending their life in Land Fill & we can confidently say, that the end product of our restoration or re-modelling is of a better quality than most of the cheap kits flooding the internet.
The Drum Recycler is a small home based, family business located in the Glasshouse Mountains. We offer fully Restored second hand drum kits & Vintage kits for sale at competitive prices. We also Custom build Compact kits for those tight spaces & offer a Mobile Drum Tuning & Trouble shooting service from Brisbane to the Sunshine coast.
During our process We recycle (whenever we can), dismantle, assess, service, rust proof, replace & repair anything that's required. After the clean & repair stages, all drums are then professionally tuned and carefully packed for dispatch. This means you'll receive a clean, functional, fully lubed, tuned & ready to play drum/kit.

At the Eudlo Music Nights the “house” kit for both stages will be provided by The Drum Recycler. At this stage we are looking at a lovely Pearl Export kit and a Mapex Mars Pro, but who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Vix and the Slick Chix

Vix chix promo sml

This is an exciting 3 piece all-girl band with a BIG sound and a double helping of Joy. With their tight grooves, dynamic vocals & upbeat style the 'Chix' onstage vibe is purely contagious. Musically derived from a blues foundation, with an added twist of Country, Gospel, Soul & R&B.
Get ready to Laugh & Boogie as these girls rock the House with a unique style that's all their own!

Ian Ross Williams
ian & mtns

One side of Ian Ross Williams' music is the thoughtful singer songwriter influenced by many of the great artists of our time, including Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Shel Silverstein and Paul Simon. The other side is the school music teacher.
As well as writing, recording and performing in Queensland and interstate, Ian is a Primary School music Specialist based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. His songs are used by various Departments of Education in Australian Primary Schools and have also been recorded by the ABC for their ‘SING’ projects. The songs are largely concerned with adventure and wonder and are educational without being obtrusively so. Many are about life in the northern, topical or outback parts of the country, which is where Ian lived for many years. Some of the songs contain Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islands language, and often include a gentle multicultural message. Another engaging feature is the multitude of musical styles presented, giving children exposure to a large variety of musical genres.
Ian’s YouTube channel has received over 46,000 views.

Ian's two workshops are:
Ukulele for absolute beginners. Fun 1 and 2-chord songs with easy strums, on Saturday at 1.30pm, and

Cups Songs, Tuned & Body Percussion at the Cabbage Café - kids percussion workshop on Saturday at 3.30pm.
Ian will show you how to do the Cups Song and some body percussion, plus a fantastic little song called The CABBAGE CAFE to play on tuned percussion (Cups, Xylophones and Chime bars supplied). Most suited to 7 to 14 year-old kids, but everyone is welcome.

Ian Wright
Ian wright
The songs Ian does are from the early era of the blues, being from the late 1920's to the late 1940's, often referred to as blues roots. These include players Son House, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Boy Blake, Blind Willie Johnson, Brownie McGhee, Big Bill Broonzy, Fred McDowall, Elmore James and Lightnin Hopkins. He also do some non vocal ragtime tunes as well. He uses a standard acoustic guitar for the fingerpicking technique required and a resonator guitar when using the bottleneck technique. The songs have variously been described as Piedmont Blues, Country Blues and Delta Blues. 


Zumpa playing instruments original IMG_2529 (1)
Be transported with this ensemble to forgotten fishing villages, moonlit olive groves, and a hard life under a hot sun where peasants play music to celebrate life with a fierce sense of humour. They provide the sounds and energy of folk, gypsy and Italian world music woven expertly together to provide a truly spaghetti and meatballs experience.  
Enjoy the combined talents of David De Santi (accordian), Kristy Stanfiled (vocal and guitar), Gareth Mewes (fiddle and harmonies), Innes Campbell (mandolin and harmonies), Andre Bonetti (percussion), Benja King (upright bass).
Sound/Video Samples
Canzone Della Lega -
Il Guaglione -
Tarantella -