Find the Eudlo Music Nights Program for 6 and 7 April 2019 below. Run your eye over it, but you mightn't need it. It's chock-a-block with great acts, there are 2 stages and a shed. We start Saturday at 12pm and finish Sunday at 2pm. What more do you need to know? Just be there!

The Eudlo Music Nights has been created by musicians for musicians and lovers of music. We are a friendly event and welcome you coming along and taking part!

The spirit of Woodstock
It’s been 50 years since Woodstock – four days of “Peace, Love and Understanding” attended by half a million people, took place on a 600 acre farm in Upstate New York. That message is probably even more important today as we see governments the world over using the politics of hate and divisiveness to get themselves re-elected. You mention Woodstock and for some it was the extraordinary bringing together of many of the best musicians ever, in one place at one time that was memorable, for others it was the failed business venture, and the counter culture with its dalliance with drugs and free love. Let’s focus on its positive aspects. That is the message to return to today.
It was all about loving your fellow man and uniting in a shared dream of a greater good. A sense of "togetherness" which is perhaps hard to find if a festival is characterised by corporate sponsorships, pricey tickets, merchandising and expensive beer. Woodstock was the amazing confluence of some of the world’s greatest acts. Sure the weather was bad and the music continued right through the night. There was little sleep being had anywhere, but it didn’t matter. It was people sharing a love for great live music and that was all that mattered.
Has the internet turned listening to music into a solitary pursuit for us? We no longer go to record stores and share our musical passions and discoveries with other music fans, so the thrill of the physical search for good music has been replaced for us by… the shimmering screen? We aren’t attending live music events the way we used to. Who could be blamed for choosing the soft option, of listening comfortably at home after work? Yes, we've changed the way we consume music and we have got used to access to whatever we want, immediately. We are defining ourselves by our existing likes and dislikes in music rather than the thrill of not knowing, and sharing a new discovery on a patch of ground we might share with countless others at a music festival. Live music has a thrill all its own.
The Eudlo Music Nights is celebrating the music of the Woodstock generation with a Return to Woodstock concert.


Saturday April 6, 2019
Throughout the afternoon: Ukulele for Absolute Beginners (at 1.30pm) and Cups Songs, Tuned & Body Percussion at the Cabbage Café - kids percussion workshop (at 3.30pm at the Pony Shed) with Ian Ross Williams;
and fun with the Songue Drums built by John Fredericks (at 2.30pm at the Pony Shed);
A Cajon Building and Playing "share" with Mike Duggan Percussion, and chatting about Guitar Building along with repair advice from Gavin Davidson from Glasshouse Guitarworks, will be ongoing in the vicinity of the Paddock Stage.
Also throughout the afternoon: Kid’s Workshop fun Including “Chess with a Difference”.

Saturday April 6, 2019 PADDOCK STAGE
12pm – 1pm Open Mic Session 1 (2 or 3 songs per act) (with prizes for best original songs and best covers – announced Sunday at 2pm)
1.30pm – 2.20 Ian Ross Wlliams:
Ukulele for absolute beginners. Fun 1 and 2-chord songs with easy strums.
2.35pm - 3.10. Glenys Anderson and Rob Wheeler
3.30pm – 4.10
GSC featuring Gary, Scott and Cory Josland
4.30pm – 5.10pm Eudlo Songwriters 1

5.30pm – 6.10 Sam Shepherd
6.45pm – 7.15 Open Mic Session 2 (2 or 3 songs per act)
7.45pm – 8.20 Muddy ‘n Petal Band
8.35pm - 8.55 Roger Beare and Sam Shepherd
8.55pm - 9.15 Ian Wright
9.40pm – 10.20 Open Mic Session 3 (2 or 3 songs per act)

Saturday April 6, 2019 BAR STAGE
1pm Festival Introduction with Stephanie Tonkin.
1.10pm – 1.50 Lindsay and Luke Drummond
2.05pm – 2.45 Karen Law and Family band
3 pm - 3.40
Terence Boyd Thallon and band
4pm - 4.40pm Fly Little Sparrow
5pm - 5.40 Vix and the Slick Chicks
6pm - 6.40 Return to Woodstock – a 50 year celebration
6.40 – 6.50 Returning to Woodstock: Male and female Fashion Parades
7.10 pm - 7.50 Jeunae
8.10pm - 8.50 Bearded Betty
9.05pm - 9.50 Zumpa

10.10pm - 11 Palomino III
11pm – 12am: Jam around the Fire. The PA is off but musicians are encouraged to share in music making around the fire.

Sunday April 7, 2019
7.30 – 8.45am Bird watching. Take a walk around the perimeter of the site with Peter Driscoll. Meet at the Bar at 7.30am.
8am - 9am Yoga with Linley Boyle near the Bar stage.

9 – 10.30am Good Tunes Session with David De Santi at the Pony Shed.
11am - 12pm Latin Fury Salsa with Passion workshop at the Pony Shed.
Different times through the morning: Kid’s Workshop fun including Maypole dancing with Linley Boyle

Sunday April 7, 2019 PADDOCK STAGE
8.00am – 9.30 POET’S BREAKFAST with Brendan the Mindfulness poet and guests including Robin Archibold, Wendy O'Hanlon
and Baz the Bush Balladeer amongst others.
9.40am - 10.35 Jessie Jean vocal workshop
10.45am – 10.55 Latin Fury Salsa with Passion demo, followed by workshop at the Pony Shed.
11am – 11.40: Open Mic Session 4 (2 or 3 songs per act)
12.00pm – 12.35 Eudlo Songwriters 2
12.55pm – 1.30 Ian B Macleod and the Rockabilly Cowboys

Sunday April 7, 2019 BAR STAGE
8.30 - 9.15am Deni Chapple with Roger Beare, Jon Brown, Michael Whiticker and Mike Duggan
9.30 – 10.10am Anna and Jordan
10.30am – 11.15 Landscape Band with John Wright, Noel Gardner, Steve Lake, Tom Nealson, Derek Foster, Adrien Powell.

11.30am – 12.10 Rob longstaff
12.25pm – 1.05 Iconic Women in Rock: Jessie Jean and Stiletto
1.20pm – 2.00 Shanghai Vibes
with Shannon Sol Carrol, Nick Aggs, Ant Aggs, Gary Ward and Elliot Gwynne.

2pm wrap up, draw weekend raffle, announce original and covers artist prizes for the weekend, drawn from songs and performances at the Open Mic and Songwriters sessions.

Please note that although we will take all reasonable steps to stick to the program as above, we reserve the right to make changes to it.

At this stage all acts are confirmed.
Interested performers can contact us with the usual support information, but there are unlikely to be booked spots. Which of course is why we have the Open Mic as a feature of the event. Spots can be booked for the Open Mic (see the program below or Bookings for available times) and performers will be allowed 2 songs (or perhaps 3) per act.